Welcome to the German Saturday School and the 2018 school year!

On behalf of the committee and staff of the GSS, I welcome all who are new to our school and welcome back all who are returning. I am looking forward to the 2018 school year at German Saturday School, which is my second year as principal at our school. I am excited to get to […]

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Das neue Schuljahr fängt an

Welcome back to our returning students and families! Classes resume this Saturday, February 4 at 9am. To new and interested students, please find the enrolment forms for download at right. Join us on Saturday with your paperwork in hand! Classes for adults will also meet on Saturday. See details here.

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The School Bell Rings

Classes for students who have previously attended the German Saturday School will begin this Saturday, January 31. Students new to the school should come the following week, on February 7. Please arrive a bit before 9am to find your charges’ name(s) and classroom numbers. These will be posted on the school doors at 185 Gold […]

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