The German Saturday School offers classes for adults, too — a series of fun, informative and interactive group lessons.

The adult class is a mixed-ability class and runs every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. by the same calendar as the children’s classes. The cost is $160 per adult per term for GSS parents and carers, $210 for members of the general public.

The instructor for our classes is Jeremy Wong, a part-time German teacher at the Presbyterian Ladies’ College. Read more about Jeremy.

The class is structured to incorporate
1) GRAMMAR taught in context – workbooks will be provided according to the respective level.
2) COMMUNICATION based on a topic. This will involve students doing differentiated communicative tasks based on ability.
3) CULTURE – Students will analyse and interact with a text (poem, song, short story etc) that focuses on different aspects of the culture of German-speaking countries and/or has relevance across the German-speaking world.
4) A warm-down language activity.

Topics covered include: Family / Hobbies and free time / Work / Travel / Shopping / Food & Drink / Festivals / The Natural World / Technology / Social Issues / Sustainability and the Environment / Health and others

Besides a notebook and pens, it is recommended that students bring a device that can connect to the internet, whether it be a tablet or a laptop.

Contact Jeremy via email if you have questions:

Or just come and give it a try!