The GSS Annual General Meeting took place on Saturday 15th March. At the meeting the President, Principal and Treasurer presented their reports which were accepted. Thanks to the parents/carers who attended, and especially to those who have shown interest to join the school’s committee. As usual the current committee supplied a hearty morning tea and the 250 pretzels organized for the event were sold in record time! Following the AGM the committee positions were confirmed:

The President delivers the President's report

The President delivers the President’s report

President – no candidate
Vice President – Simone Parkes
Teacher Liaison – Simone Parkes
Treasurer – no candidate
Payroll Officer- Andre Mohr
Registrar – Kate Curnow
Secretary – Simone Parkes
Public Officer – Glenister Lamont
Newsletter Editor – Bridgid Soames
Grants Coordinator – Bridgid Soames
Website Coordinator – Romano Studer with help from Justin
IT Coordinator – Martin von Wyss
DVD Lending – Kate Curnow and Tammy Wilson
German Language Advisor – Ann-Kristin Hawken

Audience enthralled by Treasurer's Report

Audience enthralled by Treasurer’s Report

We warmly welcome and thank the parents who are willing to continue in their current roles and those parents who joined the committee at the AGM. They are Natalie and Rainer Trefz, Mike Clutterbuck, Ann-Kristin Hawken, Matthias Kehle and Kate McClive and they’ll be joining continuing members Martha Zielinksi and Torsten Zackor.

We would like to acknowledge the efforts by sending a huge thank you to the following members who have generously donated their time and effort to running the school over the years:

President Robert Gruener has led the committee with great thoughtfulness, dedication, intelligence and loyalty for many years. His strong leadership and diligence has seen the school through transitions that have brought us to the curriculum-focused, goal-oriented school that we are today.

Stephanie Ohrt has dedicated many hours as Treasurer to keeping our books over the last five years, ensuring that we comply with the requirements of our community school.

Julia Gilchrist has been our registrar, carefully entering and updating the information about our students and serving as the first point of contact for many families during her time in the position. She continues to help out by showing Kate, our newly appointed registrar, the ropes (and passwords and where to click). Many thanks, Robert, Stephanie and Julia!

Committee Help Still Needed
Please note the President role has not been filled as yet. If you are interested in the position the current president will give a thorough induction to the responsibilities of the role and there wil be on going support from the committee.

Do you have a head for numbers? Then you could be the person we are looking for; we still need a new treasurer in 2014. Our current treasurer has held the position for the last 5 years which is a long time for an individual to be in this position. The nature of the role requires a periodic change. If you have book-keeping or accounting experience, please get in touch with the committee. Our current treasurer will be happy to run you through what is needed to fulfill this role.

The next meeting will be held on Saturday the 3rd of May.

The last class of the term is this Saturday 5th of April. There will be no classes on the 12th or 19th April; term 2 commences at 9am on 26th April. Check our calendar for other important dates.

Subsidy Forms
The last chance to bring us your subsidy form was this Saturday. But since the handover of the paperwork isn’t happening until next Saturday, 5th April, you can bring it to the staff room at 9am. The form is available on our website and you must fill it out and have it signed and stamped by your child’s day school principal. By filling out this form you are asking the state of Victoria to cover $100 of your student’s GSS tuition.

Fees are due now. Please contact the treasurer if you are experiencing payment difficulties.

Social Media
The German Saturday School continues to play a significant role in the German-speaking community of Melbourne. And we’re finding social media are a great way to communicate with GSS families, prospective families, and related organisations. Last year we launched a Facebook page, where periodic updates are posted.


And now the GSS has a Twitter account, too: @germansatschool. Follow it if you’re already part of the twittersphere and send suggestions as to what you think it should be used for. For example, are the senior students on Twitter? Will they want to connect?

What’s Going On?
The Consulate General of Switzerland has the pleasure to extend an invitation to the Swiss Festival in Melbourne on Sunday, 6th April 2014. It will be a great opportunity to experience Swiss culture at Queensbridge Square, Southbank from 11am to 6pm.

Finally, the Audi Festival of German Films has just started in Melbourne. Get a babysitter, because there’ll be period pieces, immigrant stories and emigrant stories by the likes of Caroline Link, Edgar Reitz, and Thomas Arslan. Or bring the kids to some of the matinées.

We wish the German Saturday School Community a relaxing term holiday and Frohe Ostern!

Martin and Bridgid for the Committee