The main aim of the school is to develop the three main language skills of speaking and listening, reading and writing, and to foster a love of language and culture by providing programs that include traditions and customs. The school is committed to providing programs that build on what students know, and that take account of different ways and rates of learning. However, as the school teaches on a part-time basis it cannot provide full immersion style teaching for younger children, or VCE-level German for older students. For full immersion teaching parents are encouraged to consider full-time options such as the Deutsche Schule Melbourne (DSM) School,

Team programming and regular program review together with a history of curriculum development contribute to a high standard of teaching within the school. Student progress is reported formally at the end of each year and parents, students, and teachers communicate regularly on an informal basis. The school places a high value on cooperation between parents and the school. Parent interest and support is consistently high.

Our Goals

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • To provide students with a sequential, challenging and developmentally appropriate curriculum which challenges them to become self motivated, active learners of the German language and culture. Families without any German language skills are encouraged to be part of the school, though as children reach middle primary school age parents may have to broaden their own understanding of the German language in order to assist children with homework

Student Engagement and Wellbeing:

  • To recognise the importance of the family in each child’s continued learning through involving, informing and including
  • To maintain a positive, friendly, caring environment where the rights and achievements of the individuals and groups are valued and recognised