It is important that the school’s teaching, support and administrative staff provide an appropriate learning environment for students, and families are encouraged to make known any complaints or concerns they may have regarding staff. Such complaints will be treated in a confidential manner, and managed according to the process given below.

Raising Complaints

Complaints can be made verbally or in writing, and raised with either the Principal or the President of the Parents Committee. Once raised the complaint is to be managed both by the Principal and the President.

Managing Complaints

Complaints are to be managed according to the following steps. The number of steps to be taken will depend upon the resulting actions.

  1. Complainant contact – The nature of the complaint is discussed in the context of the school’s principles, policies and procedures. For verbal complaints the Principal and the President may ask for the matters to be raised in a written form.
  2. Staff contact – The issues are discussed with the staff member in a confidential manner, with the outcome being the appropriate future actions to be undertaken.
  3. Review by the Committee – The matter is raised with the Committee in a confidential manner for a decision on the course of action to be taken.

Where a written complaint has been made it must acknowledged in a written form and the steps undertaken in order to affect a resolution given to the complainant in a written form. All written complaints must also be brought to the attention of the committee.