In order to maximise learning opportunities during the available school hours it is essential that students behave in a reasonable manner towards school property, each other and teaching staff. Any unreasonable behaviour shall be treated according to the process given below, and can result in students being excluded from the school for a specified period.

Treatment of Offences

It is up to each class teacher to define behaviour by a student as an offence under this policy. Once an offence has occurred the teacher is to follow the following four steps. Depending on the severity of the act the teacher may never need to go past the first step.

  • Teacher-student contact – The teacher counsels the student and works with them to modify behaviours and reinforce expectations.
  • Teacher-parent contact – The teacher makes up to two attempts to contact the student’s parents to discuss the issues before or after class.
  • Notifying the Principal – The child sees the Principal, or the Principal otherwise gets involved.
  • Excluding the student – If necessary, the child is excluded from the class using the steps given below. All previous steps are documented before resorting to this one.

Exclusion of Students

In the event that a student is to be excluded from class the Principal is to contact the President of the Parents Committee. It shall then be the responsibility of the President to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to notify the parents of the exclusion.

Notifications shall always be done in writing with all previous steps documented. However, where the seriousness of the offence warrants it, an initial verbal notification is permitted.

Such exclusions shall in all cases be brought to the attention of the committee at the earliest possible time, but will be dealt with in a confidential manner.