Thanks to all who contributed in some way to our Annual General Meeting and Book Market on March 17! Parents and community members donated books, board games, freshly-baked biscuits and cakes, and of course their time. Linden from the Intext Book Company was there with text books and general German-language books and of course we sold out of Pretzels again from

Public Officer Andre, Principal Anja, and DSD-1 Student Amilia

The AGM started with Anja naming the three students who passed the DSD 1 exams last year. Certificates were presented to Amilia, Lucca and Veronica. Well done!

Anja and her famous Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte. Wunderbar!

While parents chatted over coffee, cake and pretzels, the AGM was held in the shade in front of the school. Anja presented the principal’s report highlighting our students’ academic achievements. From our treasurer, Nicole, we learned that the school is in good fiscal shape even though we haven’t raised fees in the last three years. Then, as required of a community language school, the committee was spilled and nominations were taken. The school is very lucky that some new parents raised their hands to help run our school.

Nominated and elected into office is the new School Committee, as follows. Note that a number of positions were not filled. To all parents and carers — please drop a line if you’re interested in helping to run our community school!

Vice President: Martin von Wyss
Treasurer: Nicole Rothermel
Payroll Officer: Stephanie Ohrt
Secretary: Phuong Le
Enrollment Officer/Registrar: Carl Zabel
Public Officer: Andre Mohr
Newsletter Editor: Robert Seefeld
Marketing and Grants Coordinator: Matthias Kehle
Government Funding: Julia Gilchrist
Policy Director: Reto Hoffman
IT Coordinator: Romano Studer
German Language Advisor: Rainer Trefz
General Member: Jenny Advocat, Christian Herr, Antonela Manovski, Nicky Sephton, Natalie Trefz

The following positions remain unfilled: President, Teacher Liaison, DVD Lending Officer