This is not a form to enrol your child in the German Saturday School. It is only for students already enrolled at the GSS.

    Dear parents and carers of GSS students,

    Please fill out completely the form for each of your children attending the GSS. This information will be supplied by the GSS to the Department of Education and Training which will then provide the GSS with a $100 rebate for every valid form. This rebate is then deducted from your balance owing for your child's registration at the GSS.

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    Does the student hold a temporary visa?

    Does the student attend the Victorian School of Languages (VSL)?

    If 'Yes', please provide VSL Centre location

    If 'Yes', please provide VSL Language studied

    I certify that the information provided is true and correct and that my son/daughter/student is enrolled at the above-mentioned Community Language School.

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