I hope this finds you and your family safe and well and managing under the trying circumstances we find ourselves in!
As a result of the ongoing COVID restrictions, the GSS will be resuming Remote Learning until further notice.
As part of our distance learning, our teachers will be using a combination of Google Classroom (GC) and Google Hangouts or Zoom.

  • Google Hangouts and Zoom are being used for face to face/audio classes.

  • Google Classroom will be used to share various documents, links to other sites, and uploaded materials from students.

Since we are using Google Classroom, we have created student emails for all our students which will not be used to email students. It has been activated for Google Classroom use only. For those of you, whose child already has a Google school email, please make sure you remember the password to be able to login before this Saturday’s classes. For our ‘newcomers’ this year, you will receive your child’s Google school email and login details in an email from the Google Clouds Team over the next few days (you might have to check your spam folder!). Please follow the instructions in the email to set up a school email account for your child before this Saturday. Please note that the password link in the email expires within 48 hours of you having received the email. So try and activate your child’s email as soon as possible!
If you have not received an email to activate your child’s email account by Friday or need to reset your child’s password, please email anja.kazmeier@germansaturdayschool.org.au.

How GC will work:   

  • Teachers will email parents information, not students. You will receive emails from various teachers your child has at school. They will provide you with a unique code for their classroom, a link for the live classes as well as what you and your child can expect.
  • Please respond to an email the teachers will be sending asking permission for your children to take part in Zoom/Google Hangout sessions.
  • Attendance will be taken at the start of the class.  All children will sign into Google Hangouts or Zoom at 9:00 each Saturday and meet with their teacher.
  • To meet the expectations of the State’s approval of our distance learning program, attendance and participation are extremely important.  If your child is not going to participate on a certain day, please email the respective class teacher.
  • You may also have to assist your child with our distance learning. Please do not interact with the teacher during instructional times, as this will be disruptive to all students in the class.

Attached to this email is also our ‘Distance Learning’ policy, please read it carefully.
We will keep you informed of any changes.
Thank you for your support, stay safe.