Another new teacher we’re proud to have with us at the German Saturday School this year is Anja.

Anja is teaching years 6-8

Anja is teaching years 6-8

She tells us about herself in her own words.

“I was born and grew up in Stuttgart, Germany and after successfully obtaining my Abitur (equivalent to the VCE), I studied English and German at the University of Stuttgart for three semesters. I moved to Australia at the age of 21 with my mother, who is Australian (my dad is German). I hold a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor (Hons) in Linguistics and English from Monash University. In addition, I have a teaching certificate from Cambridge University.

I am very passionate about languages––I also studied French for 3 years and obtained “das grosse Latinum” while at secondary school. I have a strong interest in second language acquisition, its theories as well as language teaching. I believe that by learning a second language, you not only “just learn to speak the language” but are able to immerse yourself in the target language community and learn about the country’s culture.

I hope that my passion for language, and in particular for the German language, will translate well into the classroom thus motivating and encouraging the pupils to acquire a sound knowledge of and love for the German language!”