Welcome to the first newsletter of 2015. The students and teachers are now well and truly settled into their classes. We still have room in some classes if you know of other potential students in your network.

Annual General Meeting is in three weeks

Support your students and the school by attending the AGM and maybe even joining the committee. During school hours on 21 March we’ll meet in front of the school for coffee, cake, socialising and some business. Magdalena will give the Principal’s report and other formal necessities will be taken care of including the election of officers for the new year. Available on the day will be delicious pretzels. Come early to avoid missing out. We’ll be selling them from about 8:30 onward.

Committee Positions

At the 21. March Annual General Meeting, the GSS committee will be accepting nominations for all committee positions. If you are interested in helping to run the German Saturday School, we invite you to nominate yourself to a committee position.

Committee procedures

  • The GSS requires a committee of management to function
  • The committee meets once a month from 9.30a.m to 11.30a.m. It is understandable if you cannot attend every meeting or have to leave early from a meeting.
  • You do not need to be a German speaker or have previous committee experience to nominate for a position
  • Current committee members are wiling to support new members by using a ‘buddy’ approach until the functioning of the role is understood
  • The monthly meetings follow a set agenda addressing school matters and are complemented by ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’ (coffee and cake) and lots of laughs!
  • Committee positions

  • General Member: attends monthly meetings, discusses ideas of how to best run our school
  • President: works with the Vice President; chairs the monthly meetings, liaises with parents, teachers, and government bodies etc, co-ordinates the planning of school events, oversees the administrative aspects and generally helps out in a hands-on way
  • Vice President: assists the President, as above
  • Teacher Liaison: works with the principal to help manage teachers and assistants and provides advice to both principal and committee
  • Treasurer: is responsible for tracking all incoming/outgoing funds; payment of invoices, banking and fiscal reports
  • Payroll Officer: is responsible for the payment of teachers’ and assistants’ salaries once per term
  • Registrar: needs to have basic computer skills to manage the school enrolments and liaise with parents and the treasurer
  • Assistant Registrar: assists the Registrar, as above
  • Secretary: records and distributes minutes of monthly meetings and distributes the Meeting Agenda; is responsible for checking emails sent to the school, forwarding notices to committee members and/or parents via email; assists president in record-keeping and correspondence
  • Public Officer: is responsible for dealing with and providing annual reports to Consumer Affairs
  • Newsletter Editor: is responsible for the drafting, production and the distribution of the school newsletter, released quarterly or 6 times/year
  • Grants Coordinator: is responsible for managing our applications to the Victorian Government for various grants; tends to be about 2-3 assignments per year
  • Website Coordinator: monitors and updates the website and is responsible for maintaining the electronic mailing lists
  • IT Coordinator: looks after our Facebook page and some other electronic media
  • DVD Lending: coordinates the Saturday lending of GSS DVDs and some books
  • German Language Advisor: translates small pieces of text for essential documents
  • If you’d like to help make the German Saturday School a wonderful school for your family and the community, self-nominate now or come along to the AGM. Don’t be shy —- it’s your school, too!

    Meet the Teachers

    Tabea teaches years 3, 4 and 5

    Tabea teaches years 3, 4 and 5

    We have a profile of Tabea, one of the new teachers for 2015 in our latest blog. Stay tuned next week for a profile of Anja who also started teaching at the GSS this year.

    German Classes for Adults
    Adult Classes are available again. Although not officially part of the mission of the German Saturday School, there are many parents and a willing instructor who want to get together to learn some German basics. In previous years there have been two classes offered by Leni and they run consecutively between 9:15 and noon. Classes are forming this Saturday, February 28, so come along and find out what’s on offer.

    2015 Calendar
    All important dates including committee meetings are recorded on the calendar. It’s easy to read on your mobile device, too.

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