Family Day
Now that the weather is warm and sunny, we’re excited to tell you about our Family Day excursion to Schwerkolt Cottage.

Schwerkolt Cottage Family Day Out

This will be your opportunity to spend time with your child and teacher and get to know your student’s classmates and their families. A docent from the historic Schwerkolt Cottage will be on hand to answer questions about the property, we’ll have some organised games, and of course there will be food. At 9am we’ll have pretzels available for sale and then shortly before noon the sausages from Walma’s and soft drinks will be ready. Please bring utensils and whatever else you want to eat and drink. So please remember to go to the cottage on November 21, Deep Creek Road, Mitcham (Melway reference: 49 D7) and not to Clifton Hill.

Please note that this is a family event and not an occasion to drop off your child and go. If need be, you can designate another family to mind your child but the teachers will not be able to supervise children who are unattended.

Enrolments for 2016
The School Committee has been planning for next year. To make the re-enrollment process as easy as possible for all, we’ll print your details and ask you to confirm a few things. Please look for committee members who will be in front of the school before 9am and noon on November 7 and 14. We’ll check that we have the correct family details, ask whether you have other children who will join their siblings at the school, and so on. Very important are the details about where your child will be in school Monday-Friday next year since we need this information to claim the Per Capita funding grants. (This is the state’s mechanism for subsidising your child’s tuition at our school. Due to recent changes in the administration of these grants, we need your students’ details; there’s about $190 per student in tuition discount in it for you!)


Bello bleibt draussen
Please note that dogs are not allowed on school grounds——unless the dog is stuffed.

A New Notice Board
We’ve started a Community Notice Board on our website. This is a place for public notices, requests for advice or assistance, or whatever you choose it to be. Please send notices along with pictures, if you like, to and we’ll add it to the Board. The Board is available to all on the internet and new postings will be shared on social media, so think about what personal information you are sharing.

Time Doesn’t Stand Still
Our calendar has moved under the new Community heading on the website. Please continue to consult it to find out when we don’t have classes, when we’re meeting someplace other than Clifton Hill Primary School, and so on. For example:
November 21: Family Day at Schwerkolt Cottage, Deep Creek Road, Mitcham
December 12: Christmas Celebration and last meeting for 2015, Austrian Club, Heidelberg