As so often happens after our annual Open Day, suddenly we find ourselves galloping to the end of the year. We have a fun few weeks ahead of us but like any good jockey, we’d better keep our eyes on the prize!

The Calendar
There are only three normal weeks of teaching left. On the following two Saturdays we will meet offsite.

    Family Day will be on November 21. We’ll meet at the Schwerkolt Cottage in Mitcham (Melway reference: 49 D7). Parents may not drop off their children and then pick them up at noon. The day is for the whole family or, under exceptional circumstances and if prior arrangement is made, for entrusting your child to another family.

    Pretzels will be available from 9am, Romano will brew up some coffee with his espresso machine, then from 9:30 there will be games, self-guided tours of the property, time to chat with the teachers and other students and parents, sausages for purchase before noon, and whatever picnic you bring. If you’d like to help plan a game, by all means get in touch with the committee or your child’s teacher. And if you can volunteer to help with barbecuing and other tasks, your generosity probably will not be refused.

    Christmas End-of-Year Party at the Austrian Club on December 12. The format will be as in previous years with a 9am arrival to place your Chris Kringle gift clearly marked for your child in the class sack. The start of the festivities will be 9:30 and we’ll do our best to end at noon again as we did last year.

Enrolment Information
Please come and see a volunteer at the registration table tomorrow if you didn’t last week. We have printouts for each student with which we can easily confirm your personal details, school details, and whether your child is returning to the GSS next year. It’s by far the easiest way for us all to make sure your child is enrolled again for 2016.

Time to Return the DVDs
It’s time to have a look on the bookcases and under the couch for any GSS DVDs that have gone astray. We like to have a complete collection again at the end of the year, so please try to return all the discs you’ve borrowed this year as soon as possible.

IT Expert Sought
Do we have any SEO experts among the community members? Our all-volunteer committee would like to hear from you if you have any expertise or ideas in the field of search engine optimisation. Reply to this message or use the Contact Form.

Community Notice Board
Finally, do you have any items for our Community Notice Board?

Bis bald!

Schwerkolt Cottage Family Day Out