…who will be going forward to the State Final but also to all the other students, who have done an excellent job!

The German Saturday School congratulates the following top performers in the Deutsch also Fremdsprache category.

  • Year 4: Ben
  • Year 5: Matthew
  • Year 6: Jamie
  • Year 7: Lukas
  • Year 8: Edward

The top performers in each age group will go to the state finals on August 18. (The exception is Year 4 for which there is no state competition.)

In the Open Section category, sometimes referred to as native speakers, the second placer may attend the finals, too. Congratulations to the following top two in each category.

  • Year 4: Antonia (first) and Caitlin (2nd)
  • Year 5/6: Jason and Amelie
  • Year 7/8: Saskia and Sophie
  • Year 9: Peter and Rowan

Thank you again to our judges, runners and everyone else who was involved: we couldn’t have done it without you!